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Why Choose BGSA?

BGSA is the advisor of choice for a large, growing number of supply chain CEOs. Due to our unique approach to strategy-led investment banking, BGSA has become the leading advisor on premium sell-side deals; the first call for buy-side acquisition strategy and execution; and a true thought leader with over 30 completed transactions in the supply chain sector.



The Leading Advisor on Premium Sell-Side Deals.

BGSA is known for outstanding deals that enable sellers to achieve premium outcomes. Representative examples include:

The First Call for Buy-Side Acquisition Strategy and Execution.

BGSA is the advisor of choice for many of the top supply chain companies and investors.  Representative past assignments include:

PWC Logistics has acquired TransLink PWC Logistics has acquired TransOceanic England Logistics has acquired Trans-Man Dynalink Systems Inc. has merged with England Logistics

Thought Leader in the Supply Chain. 

BGSA has earned a reputation as a top source of expertise in the logistics and outsourcing arena.  BGSA’s work has been cited by numerous publications, including:

In addition, BGSA principals have been featured speakers at major conferences

Finally, BGSA’s annual conference, BGSA Supply Chain, has become the top CEO-level event in the industry, attracting over 200 of the leading CEOs to this by-invitation-only, sold-out gathering.