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Buy-Side / Acquisition

If you are seeking growth, what are your options for accelerated expansion? Should you pursue a “big bang” or a “string of pearls?” Would you be better off acquiring companies in your sector, or in a different service offering? What about new markets?

BGSA can help. As the leading buy-side advisor to supply chain and outsourcing companies, BGSA provides a broad range of strategy-led services. Our buy-side capabilities include:

  • Strategic Prioritization – what are the right acquisition criteria?  How do we prioritize options amidst all the possible directions?

  • Target Development – who are the most attractive target companies that match our strategy?

  • Preliminary Negotiations – will these top targets agree to explore a deal on favorable terms?

  • Transaction Structuring – what deal structure will ensure we achieve our objectives?

  • Strategic Due Diligence – do the targets’ strengths hold up under closer analysis?

  • Transaction Completion – what else do we need to do in order to ensure a successful transaction?

For an example of BGSA’s buy-side/acquisition services in action, please see Agility (PWC) case study.