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Capital Raise

Perhaps you are pursuing an acquisition and would like to fund this initiative. Or maybe you’d like to take out some capital and enjoy some liquidity, since most of your net worth may be tied up in your business. Alternatively, you could simply need to expand your capital base for expansion.

How should you finance your objectives? BGSA can help.

BGSA’s deep relationships with capital sources interested in the supply chain sector are unique and unmatched.
BGSA can support you in:

  • Goal-Setting – what are your objectives in exploring a capital raise?
  • Valuation Assessment – what kinds of valuation outcomes can we realistically expect?
  • Strategic Positioning – what are the unique aspects of your business that an outside investor would find exceptional?
  • Investor Selection – who are the ideal partners for your company, to help you achieve your strategic, cultural,
    and financial goals?
  • Deal Execution – how to ensure smooth execution of the deal process?
  • Preliminary Negotiations – will these top potential investors agree to explore a deal on favorable terms?
  • Transaction Structuring – what deal structure will ensure we achieve our objectives?
  • Transaction Completion – what else do we need to do in order to ensure a successful transaction?