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Merchant Banking

Our partner, Cambridge Capital is the only private equity fund in the world solely focused on making growth capital investments in top-tier supply chain companies.  We look for opportunities to partner with talented management teams, and provide capital and investment expertise to help companies grow.  

We typically invest in businesses that have at least $25 million of revenues, meaningful positive cash flows, and long-term favorable growth prospects. Our equity investments typically range from $5 to $50 million.  The most attractive investment opportunities involve companies that have the following characteristics:

Logistics and Supply Chain Focus
Supply Chain is the backbone of every major company around the world. We believe that the sector offers superior returns due to abundant growth, the need for outsourcing, and the critical function supply chain plays in the global economy.

Leveraging the Firm’s Relationships
We look to invest in companies that leverage the experience of BGSA, while at the same time carefully avoiding conflicts with BGSA's advisory clients.

Companies with Attractive Fundamentals
We have a disciplined and analytical approach to evaluate company for investment. We look for large and growing market opportunities with emerging structural trends.

Proven Business Models
We look for businesses with unique business models. We analyze the economics of businesses to assess their ability to earn returns on incremental capital.

Partner with Strong Management Teams
We believe strong management is critical to the success of any investment. We seek to partner with focused and driven management teams with demonstrated track records of excellence, motivated by equity ownership in their businesses.

Experienced Investment Team
We utilize our extensive knowledge, experience and relationships in the logistics, supply chain and transportation sectors to maximize the growth and profitability of portfolio companies. We believe that no other private equity fund matches our resources or commitment to the supply chain industry.

Please visit www.CambridgeCapital.com for more information, or email info@CambridgeCapital.com