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Sell-Side / Merger

If you are seeking to maximize your company’s value, how should you proceed? Should you sell to a competitor, or seek an overseas suitor? Focus on one buyer, or run a broad auction? Structure a deal for maximum upfront cash, or consider creative alternatives?

BGSA specializes in helping you address these and related questions. As the sell-side advisor responsible for some of the most noteworthy premiums in the supply chain and outsourcing sector, BGSA draws on deep expertise and an unmatched track record of success. We can help you with:

  • Goal-Setting – what are your objectives in exploring a sale or merger?
  • Valuation Assessment – what kinds of valuation outcomes can we realistically expect?
  • Strategic Positioning – what are the unique aspects of your business that an outside buyer would find exceptional?
  • Buyer Selection – who are the ideal partners for your company, to help you achieve your strategic,
    cultural, and financial goals?
  • Deal Execution – how to ensure smooth execution of the deal process?
  • Preliminary Negotiations – will these top potential buyers agree to explore a deal on favorable terms?
  • Transaction Structuring – what deal structure will ensure we achieve our objectives?
  • Transaction Completion – what else do we need to do in order to ensure a successful transaction?

For an example of BGSA’s sell-side services in action, please see Wilpak case study.