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Client Testimonials

Joel Goldberg, Principal, Pharos Capital Group, LLC, and former Owner of Converge

"As a generalist private equity firm with former investment bankers on staff, what we’re looking for out of our sell-side bankers is someone who can add value to the transaction apart from just running a typical auction process.  Because of their deep knowledge and relationships in the supply chain industry, BGSA was able to do just that for us.  Now whenever we look to sell a business, we say internally that we need to find the “BGSA” of this industry – that is, the industry’s niche player who can add insight to the process, and therefore maximize value, better than anyone else.”


Jim Ray, Chairman, Raytrans Holdings, Inc.

“In my career, I’ve participated in several buy and sell side transactions in the transportation industry. I have never been exposed to a banker that is anywhere near the quality of BGSA. Their knowledge of transportation is comprehensive; their access to the most important players in the industry in unsurpassed; their control of the process is nothing short of relentless; and they always keep their clients’ best interests in mind. What impressed me the most about BGSA, besides the extremely successful end result, was how amazingly hard these guys work. In fact, during the heat of the battle, I’m not sure they sleep. They are a very impressive, unique, all-around amazing organization.”


Don Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer, Dixie Warehouse Services

“BGSA worked patiently to find the best strategic partner that would enable us to grow despite challenging markets. BGSA didn't just look at the financial implications. They helped us identify the best fit, financially and culturally. They were very responsive and attentive to our questions and concerns, which was especially appreciated since this was our first sale experience. BGSA’s experience enabled them to manage the laborious process with accurate expectations, and helped us manage some of the emotional aspects of the process. We are extremely pleased to have had BGSA representing us.”


Eric Wilhelm, CEO, Wilpak

“Wilpak is a niche leader in the supply chain.  We needed an advisor who could communicate our unique capabilities to the right partners. We were lucky to have BGSA to work with us.  They knew the best buyers, they understood how to position us, they ran a tight process, and they delivered. Thanks to BGSA, we generated several times the value we might have otherwise received. They were expensive, but worth it! That’s the BGSA premium. I recommend them highly.”


Sean Snow, President, CR England

“As a large company, CR England didn’t just need an advisor.  We needed deep industry expertise. BGSA knows the logistics market better than any M&A advisor. They helped us every step of the way, from board-level strategy to acquisition identification to deal closing. We consider BGSA an indispensable part of our M&A successes.”


Alex Berzofsky, Managing Director, Warburg Pincus

“Warburg Pincus is one of the most active private equity firms in the supply chain and logistics sector. When we look at deals in the supply chain, BGSA is top of mind. They do great work, their ideas are high-quality, and their knowledge of the logistics sector is second to none.”