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Guiding Principles

We are professionals that are passionate about logistics and the entrepreneurial spirit. BGSA founder and Managing Director Ben Gordon grew up in the industry, and traces his transportation roots back five generations.

In 1948, Ben’s grandfather, Eugene Ribakoff, founded the first of a group of several transportation companies. Among the most well-known of these companies, AMI became one of the leading truck leasing, dedicated contract carriage, and logistics providers in the Northeast. AMI, in turn, was preceded by another family transportation business. In 1903, Ben’s great-great grandfather founded Morganstern Express, a horse-and-buggy company based in New York. Hence, in 1999, when Ben decided to found 3PLex, a web-based transportation management system for the logistics sector, he was not just pursuing a vision, but also carrying on a long-standing family tradition.

Today, BGSA stands alone as the only investment banking firm founded on the premise that we understand supply chain entrepreneurs, because we come from the same stock. This deep rooted heritage provides a foundation for us to connect deeply with our entrepreneurial clients in the transportation and logistics space. We believe that every entrepreneur faces different challenges, and we are confident in our ability to help the best companies create more value with our unique focus on strategy-led investment banking for the supply chain.


  • Top Quality. We take great pride in delivering outstanding quality work. We maintain an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake, and to accomplish continuous improvement, as a firm and as individuals. We always strive to be the best at whatever we do. We believe that wherever there is a global supply chain assignment, we can compete effectively against anyone on the basis of our rigorous research, market expertise, and high-caliber work product.
  • Client Focus and Senior-Level Attention. Our clients’ interests always come first. We provide outstanding service, driven by senior-level attention on every transaction. We believe our own success follows from an unwavering focus on client service.
  • Niche Expertise. We strive to be the leading experts in any sector in which we operate. Our cutting-edge intellectual property, in-depth expertise, and top-tier knowledge base set us apart in the market. We build our competitive advantage by publishing forward-thinking articles, chairing conferences, and disseminating ideas among key decision makers.
  • Entrepreneurial, Tenacious and Dedicated Team. We seek entrepreneurial, loyal and dedicated people who share our values. Our dedication sets us apart from other firms. We pride ourselves on our willingness to work harder, go the extra mile, and do whatever it takes, particularly for challenging assignments. Individuals who demonstrate outstanding dedication and take on increasing amounts of responsibility achieve greater results for clients and witness faster career advancement.
  • Output Orientation/Sense of Urgency/Rapid Response. We have high ambitions and take on challenging projects. To use our time efficiently, we strive to be output-oriented, act with autonomy and judgment, provide rapid response, and produce materials that are (a) client-ready and (b) reflective of our high standards. We always work with the final work product in mind. We must act with a sense of urgency, because time is our most scarce resource.
  • Ethics. Integrity and honesty lie at the heart of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything we do, both in the work for the firm and in their personal lives. We guard our clients’ confidential information as if it was our own. We always strive to do what is right, for our clients and for our firm.
  • Exclusivity. We are selective about our engagements and the quality of companies we work with. We elect to work with companies that are successful and well-positioned for market leadership and where we know we can engineer exceptional value and deliver premium service. We recognize that our ability to create supreme value is essential to our future success.